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Ripley Family Farm

We love our family and our Guernseys! When many in our family had difficulties with dairy products we needed a solution. A2 Guernsey milk was the solution, a milk full of nutrients and easy to digest. We DNA test our cows so that we can provide milk that is 100% A2 Guernsey milk. Now our family members can enjoy milk again along with the many others that drink our milk.  

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MyShan Dairy

MyShan Dairy is a small farm on the edge of Lynden, WA. We currently milk 50 Guernseys. We vat pasteurize and bottle 100% Guernsey milk. Our milk has a cream line, as we do not homogenize nor do we separate the golden guernsey milk. We sell gallons and half gallons of milk, half gallons of chocolate milk and mocha milk.

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Lucky Layla Farms

In January 2004, a third-generation dairyman from a local dairy in Plano, Texas, wanted to see the high-quality milk from his award-winning Guernsey and Jersey cows turned into a premium artisan dairy product. The result has been award-winning artisan dairy products under the Lucky Layla Farms brand. Enjoy browsing our site to explore our drinkable yogurts, handcrafted cheeses, butter, and caramel milk. Each of our products is all-natural and handcrafted using milk from our own cows that are rBGH free. 

Our goal is to provide you, through our supportive retailers, the healthiest farm-fresh locally-made dairy products available. Lucky Layla Farms receives its quality milk from Guernsey and Jersey cattle, which produce the finest milk.

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Eby Manor Farm

Since 2012, we have been providing Golden Guernsey milk and dairy products from our local family farm in Waterloo, ON. Our milk is produced by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows, who you can meet when you come by our farm.


Our family would love to have you visit us at our farm, where you can pop into our very own little shop, Eby’s Dairy Market!

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Yoder's Country Market

We offer our Golden Guernsey milk in Glass or Plastic Bottles. Golden Guernsey Milk is fresh from our farm and processed right here at our market. We also have over 25 different flavors of ice cream that is produced on the premises.

Our family’s farm is located in Lancaster County along the foothills of the Welsh Mountains. The herd of registered Guernsey cows has been in our family for three generations.

Quality starts at the farm where our cows are given excellent care. They are fed a balanced diet of grain and hay, which enables them to produce high-quality milk. The milk is brought to Yoder’s Country Market, fresh from the farm. Aside from offering fat-free skim milk, 1 ½% reduced fat milk, and whole milk, we also create premium ice cream by slow-churning our Golden Guernsey milk with the ingredients of an old-fashioned recipe.

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Pleasant Meadow Creamery

We milk only A2A2 registered Guernseys and do our own bottling and distribution.


Pleasant Meadow milks just under 20 Guernseys and will be certified organic by Summer 2021.


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Colorado Cow

Colorado Cow is a small, family-run dairy farm and processor. We love Cows. We love Colorado. We are dedicated to the highest milk quality in its truest form. For this reason, we only use milk from A2A2 Guernsey cows to make all of our products. Guernsey’s produce rich, creamy, golden milk, unlike any other cow. We use this specialty milk to produce fluid milk, cream, butter, and gelato for you. 

Naturally Golden Family Farms

Naturally Golden Family Farms is creating 100% Guernsey cheese from Maple Bottom Farm and Trotacre Farm in Pennsylvania.

Dogwood Lane Dairy

Dogwood Lane is a certified 100% Guernsey dairy in Maryland serving the area with their Guernsey products and more at their Guernsey Depot store.

Woodbourne Creamery

Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard in Montgomery County, Maryland sells their Guernsey A2A2 bottled milk, pints of ice cream and serves scoops of ice cream off their farm market.

Guernsey Girl Creamery

Guernsey Girl Creamery maintains a small herd of Guernseys that produce A2A2 milk that is bottled as well as made into fine cheeses and butter in North Carolina.

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